Week One Check In

Hello Dear Reader,

Each week of the Artist’s Way ends with a check-in: Did you do your Morning Pages every day? Did you keep your Artist’s Date with yourself? What came up for you that was surprising? that sort of thing.

I wrote my check in last night, but thought I’d make a habit of sharing them here as well.

Yes, I did my morning pages each day – I bought a very cool journal and got some fantastic fun colored, fine tip pens for my birthday which makes me even more excited to write. Now that I have been writing daily for almost a month straight I feel compelled to keep my streak going. My dirty little secret is that they aren’t always morning pages…they are sometimes late morning pages, afternoon pages, or – like last night – very late night pages. But they are daily pages nonetheless so I am counting that as a big success.

The Artist Date with myself, on the other hand…not so much. Normally that would not have been a big deal because I take Thursday nights as “my” night when I don’t have to pick the kids up from school and day care and I can fart around, go to the gym, peruse the bookstore, go see a foreign film, whatever. And I usually do this! I guard it religiously and fiercely. But this week I did not go. (Insert sad/guilty face here.) I will make up for it this week as I have Friday off and so I will be sure to dedicate part of Friday to my Artist Date with Myself.

As far as anything surprising me…I have had the occasion to really think about where my “Critic’s Voice” comes from and who it belongs to. The insight I have had into that subject is of the most interest to me right now. However, Dear Reader, I will have to fill you in on that subject during our next installment of Jessica’s Creative Journey in (on? through?) the Artist’s Way…

Write on,

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