Dear Reader,

Apologies for not posting lately. This has been a rough week.

My mom is ill (severe early onset senile dementia – diagnosed at 55 y.o.) and last Thursday she ended up in the ER. Since then she has been moved into a skilled nursing facility which is both good (my dad is tapped out from caring for her, my sister and I can’t help enough to ease his burden, mom has gotten much worse and needs total care 24/7) and bad (she’s in a home, they are sad, she looks much worse, it’s a new reality, etc.)

In any event, I have been able to maintain the Morning/Afternoon/Evening pages, but am behind on my week 2 check in. With the holidays and all that has been going on I have decided to give myself an extra week, so I;ll be finishing up week 2 this coming Sunday, the 27th.

Just seems the most humane thing to do.

Happy Christmas.

Write on,


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