Hello Stranger

Dear Reader,

Please accept my apologies for being such a blog-slacker! Has it really been two weeks since I posted last?

In my humble defense I present the following facts:

  1. Mom was moved into a skilled nursing facility (sad, good, different, jolting)
  2. It was Christmas Eve (crab, french bread, salad, 1.25 bottles of champagne per imbiber, up until 3AM drunk wrapping for Santa and watching Jersey Shore);
  3. It was Christmas (happy kids, speed unwrapping completed in less than 20 minutes, joy, unbridled enthusiasm, happiness, contentedness, exhaustion)
  4. … I cooked (prime rib roast experiment, roasted honey glazed veg, DIVINE oven roasted broccolini and green beans, cranberry sauce, baked potatoes, cheese, crackers, Dip Cheney, wine, coookies, pleasant exhaustion)
  5. It was New Year’s (Big Sur, camping, meeting new, fascinating, creative, fun, warm people, more pure joy and awe and hope than one can really hope to start the new year with)
  6. And then…back to work (hmmmm…how to put this politely?…Let’s just say it involves less of the good stuff listed above.)

That is the life update for the past two weeks. Now to the creative update, which, Dear Reader, is the point of this whole endeavor, as you well know.

I have managed to do my morning pages (and then some!) most days. I think I may have missed a day or two in the midst of the Christmas hullaballoo, but for the most part I have been on the money as far as that goes. I have, once again, given myself another extension this week. Where I ought to have completed Week Three : “Recovering a Sense of Power” last Sunday I will now complete it this Sunday, the 10th.

How’s that for recovering a sense of power! hah! How you like me now!?!

Write On,


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