A Little Ray of Sunshine

Hello Dear Reader,

I am delighted to be able to share the smallest sliver of sunshiney, glistening, hopeful good news with you. As you know from my last post I was feeling quite sad that none of the poems I had recently submitted were accepted for publication or awarded big fat prizes (like $500, which was earmarked for my really cool new MacBook…) 😦

However, just when all hope is lost (that is, specifically, noon on the last day of notification) I received a lovely email from the Central Coast Writers’ Group notifying me that – while I did not win the contest (bye bye MacBook dreams…) – my poem “Yes” was a finalist and my name would be included on their website!

Given the dearth of good news in my literary life this month I am pretty happy about this last minute positivity!Also, I am further motivated to send out my poems for consideration in other literary publications. Like I said, I felt I had some strong poems (or I would not have sent them out), but they are stonger still thanks to my poetry revision group (Big whoop whoops to Amber Sumrall and the other wonderful poets in that group.)

So, purple 2010 edition of Poet’s Market in hand,  I am carefully researching where to send my little fuzzy babies next. Wish me luck!

Write on,

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