Back From the Dead, or Darn, Spring Break Was Fun!

Hello, Dear Reader, 

Both of those titles would be appropriate, as it turns out. Spring Break was a blast, even though this time last week I was writhing around in my sweaty pj’s feeling horrible and willing myself not to vomit…again. Yuk.

Luckily, the worst part of the flu or exorcism or whatever it was only lasted about 24 hours. I felt significantly better on Tuesday, though it really took all week for my tummy troubles to subside completely. Well, almost completely – my hankerin’ for coffee and wine has diminished substantially. I am concerned.

We had company from out of town and good weather for the second half of the week which meant lots of fun stuff to do like go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium , eat good Mexican food, go out to breakfast, wander around and do a little shopping in downtown Santa Cruz, wander along a sunny West Cliff path, lay on the grass, people watch, go to the movies a couple of times, hit the Boardwalk…really, you name it, we did it. So fun for me and the kids had a BLAST.  We all found some of our missing much-ness.

The down side of all this fun-having is that there wasn’t much daily writing or traipsing down the Artist’s Way taking place. So this will be the final week, and I will wrap it all up next Monday. Neatly, with a real pretty bow – I promise.

I did have some inspiring moments and if I can ever get my camera and computer synched up I will share some cool shots with you. I was possessed to write a couple of rough drafts, starts, random thoughts that may turn into something. I have had time to live a little and do some thinking about how to better do that – the living – and make sure I stay healthy, creative and inspired. More on this later, ’cause I know you are interested! LOL!

And one other thing: I WILL be in the 2010 edition of the Porter Gulch Review !!! More details to come, but my poem “Notes to the Gardener” was selected. [insert big cheesy grin here]

Write On,

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