i “heart” sleep

i am here today to profess, publicly, my love for sleep.

sleep, i love you, you are so good to me, you make me feel rested and calm and beautiful and happy. honestly, i can’t get enough of you. i just want to lay in bed with you all day. and all night. you don’t mind if i drool on my pillow, in fact you like it. you know it’s just a concrete (well, liquid) reminder of how deep my love for you is. you don’t care what i wear – or if i wear anything at all. i feel gorgeous and sexy and sensual when i am with you, bed-head, morning breath and all. it’s a sickness really. i need to go to sleepers anonymous to break my habit, but i just don’t want to. i don’t care if my need for you borders on addiction. i love you anyways. no matter what they say. too much of you is never enough.

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