A Month of Minimalism

Anyone care to join me as I experiment with a month of beginning minimalism (also know to me as: reduce, reuse, recycle and don’t buy shit you really don’t need)? C’mon, admit it, it sounds like more fun than a barrel of free, recycled monkeys, doesn’t it?

I’ve been inspired to try this (key word, in case you aren’t paying attention: “try”) by a series of events:
1) my post-back-to-school shopping consumer hangover
2) the appalling amount of crap (piles and boxes and closets full of it) that I have tried, desperately, to whittle down over the course of the summer. If you have been to my house lately you will see how futile this effort has been. But you should also have seen the amount of stuff I have gotten rid of. Several large bags have gone to Goodwill, I have sold many items on Craigslist, had one yard sale, two trips to the children’s consignment shops, several books and CDs sold on Amazon, two trips to the grown-up consignment shop, items donated to friends, armful after armful of papers sent to the recycle bin and at least 2 large bags sent to the landfill (AKA garbage bin.) And still there are piles, and boxes and closets FULL OF STUFF!
3) the painful realization that the reason why (well, one of the reasons) is that I continue to buy more stuff! D’oh! and then Duh! and then huh? Really, am I that controllable? That suggestible? That weak-willed that I would rather buy a brand new hardback book now rather than put that $26.00 towards a trip to, say Paris or Kauai or even the City? I gotta get my priorities straight here folks!

In my defense, please let me say that I am not as bad as many other ‘Mericans. 90% of the clothes I buy for myself (and maybe 50% of the kids’ stuff) are used and from eBay or consignment shops, or Goodwill or the flea market – but that is still a whole lotta shoppin’ options! Books I buy used at Logo’s or off Amazon or at the flea. Again, a whole lotta shoppin’. Most often I check it out at the library first and then will add to my library if it seems like a book I simply must have on hand.

But enough is enough. I really need to see if I can rein this craziness in some. Not for you or anyone else, but for me. I want to consume less – and therefore have less to wash, fold, shlep, put away [repeat] and less to dust or move or put away or carry around. The goal being more time to a) be happy with my family (without stressing about said schtuff) b) read c) practice yoga and d) meditate.

So there you have it – September is the month the experiment begins. Care to join me? Mwahhh haha…..


PS: to learn more about my inspiration check out http://mnmlist.com/consumerism-vs-minimalism

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