A Prayer for the Busy Week Ahead

I like this idea of a “prayer” for something. Having not been raised in a religious household I have missed out on this practice. However, “a prayer for…” is a common writing prompt and one that I am beginning to enjoy.

I guess you could call it whatever you want, if you are not comfortable with the idea of a prayer though as time goes on and I a) get older and b)travel further on my own “spiritual path” I am less bothered by the language inherent to each religion and more interested in the common condition.

I am sure I will riff more on that at a later date. I’ll add it to my “to do” list – the very one that I am about to take issue with – LOL!

Many of my fellow teacher friends and family are already on winter break. Unfortunately, I am not. I have three more days of work. And of course, I am behind on grading, planning, thinking, ruminating, contemplating and acting on work related issues, because, really, the Muse has been hanging around lately and I just can’t ignore her, now, can I? I mean, what writer with any measure of sense will just say, “Uh, hey, Muse, nice to see you but I am really busy grading this milk crate full of homework packets so if you can just hang tight I’ll get to you when I am done.”

Uh, nope. It’s a calculated risk, I know, but Reader, I took it. And yes, I know I am paying the price but I tell you what, if the Muse is there when I wake up tomorrow chances are I will offer to make her some coffee and listen to whatever it is she has to say, for as long as she wants to share. I am loving her company.

Huh, that’s odd, this post started out about prayer and all that I have ahead of me and has ended up about the Muse. She’s such a funny, fickle and did I mention demanding gal. Gotta admire the sneaky way she works herself into every conversation.

OK, the prayer for the week, the busy week ahead – at least it looks busy from here, but my vision is somewhat obscured by the eight ball I seem to be behind – my prayer goes something like this:

Dear Universe, please offer me the ability to prioritize wisely, to use my time fully and in a worthy fashion. Give me the strength to see the beauty and humor in all I encounter this week and to remain thankful for the blessings in my life evidenced by all I feel I have to do, in other words – a job, students who do their work, parents and students who care deeply about their grades, children and a husband to care for, friends and family to spend time with and the gift of being able to prepare a festive home and warm meals for them, and a Muse who has come to visit. I pray I am blessed with the ability to see the good in all the week brings to me. Amen. Insha’ALLAH. Namaste.

Gratefully (and calmly),

One thought on “A Prayer for the Busy Week Ahead

  1. Jessica, thank you for the prayer. I share it with you. My addition is to remember to be thankful for you. Us moms (working and not) do an incredible job taking care of everything. Don't forget to do a little self-pampering, even if it is just yourself telling you how great you are.


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