Be Brave

Greetings from the edge of my new reality!

This is my first week back to teaching after nearly a year and a half off, time I spent working in the District Attorney’s office.

The two jobs really couldn’t be more different. 😉

When people have heard that I am back teaching PE they often comment how lucky I am “to be able” to work part-time, that they are sure the office job sucked and good for me for going back to teaching.

No offense to them, but they miss the point.

“Luck” has nothing to do with it. I support myself, by myself. My ex and I support our children. Can I “afford” to leave a paying full-time job to pursue my writing? If I had a financial advisor I am sure they would say, “hell no!”

Good thing I don’t have one.

Honestly, the financial aspect of cutting back on work for a year is what stresses me out more than anything. But I have a retirement account. I mean, I’ll get taxed if I use it, and it’s not a wise move financially, but it’s there if I need it.

Unless of course this writing thing works.

Then I hope to  will be one of those success stories. The ones where a few years have passed since they took The Big Risk and are being interviewed on a podcast,

Well, yeah, Terri, it was a little touch and go there for a bit, but when I hit the best seller list and got my third book made into a major motion picture I was able to replace what I borrowed from myself and then some!

Hey, you gotta be brave, man. Why live little, scared to try, convinced you can’t because it’s too risky, too late, too scary, when you can try. believe. persevere. reach.

Don’t live little, live a little.

Be Brave,


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