World’s Best Jessica

Today I showed a clip of Nike commercials to my PE class. It’s an awesome, inspiring, and inclusive video that I have been wanting to show them.

The theme is “Find your Greatness” and features a variety of people from around the world playing an equally wide variety of traditional and non-traditional sports and physical activities.

After we watched the clip I told them this story:

When I was 3 or 4 we lived in a house on Branciforte Drive. Next to us was an older couple, the Taylors, and across the street was an older girl named Kirsten.

Not Kristen.


I don’t remember much about her other than I liked playing with her, though I don’t know that we played together a lot. I assume that since she was older it was a rare occurrence.

However, I do recall one day we were coloring together and she made me a ribbon. She actually cut it out of paper and colored it bright orange.

On the front, in green crayon, she wrote, “ 1st Pris World’s Best Jessica”.

I still have that ribbon.

I asked my students today to think about what their greatness is. I told them each and every one of us has a special greatness that is unique to us.

I told them to ask their family if they can’t figure it out on their own since families always see the greatness in one another.

They are young enough to believe me on that one, I think.

I hope.

Of course, that got me to thinking – what is my greatness?

What makes me The World’s Best Jessica, if not in everyone’s eyes, at least in the eyes of those I care deeply about?

Am I living  my life as the best Jessica I can be? And if I’m not, where do I need to make adjustments?

I am always striving to be the best me I can be. I dare say I spend too much time thinking about how I can be better.

I have learned over time that to be the best me I can be requires silence and solitude and a whole lot of down time.

Sometimes that makes me feel lazy, unproductive, less than.

But I am know that I am easily overwhelmed (like when I open the door and see the Kraken staring back at me) and I need to take it easy on myself. Cut myself some slack. Do an extra long meditation followed by an extra long nap.

I’m curious to know – what is YOUR greatness?

Be Brave.




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