On Serendipity, Manifestation and Believing Anything is Possible

Last night I posted the following post on Facebook:

In June of 2014 I wrote the post below without knowing how I would make it happen. In June of 2015 we went to London and Paris for a week each. Today I am again posting an intention, without knowing the “how” but knowing that this time next year I will be earning enough from writing, blogging, and speaking to have that be my main gig and source of income! ‪#‎bebrave‬‪#‎putitoutthere‬ ‪#‎makeithappen‬ ‪#‎whyNOTme‬

June 17, 2014 · Santa Cruz, CA · 
 Ok friends – who has connections in Paris? Je cherche for a lead on accommodations for 5 in June 2015. Thinking of my international friends in particular… 

Around the same time I tweeted this:


And not much longer I received an email telling me that Elizabeth Gilbert favorited my tweet!


Now, to some of you that may not seem like a big deal, but to me the timing was an affirmation that I am on the right track, that the thought, contemplation and refinement I have been doing lately is on point.

I am one of those people who is always looking for signs – indicators that I am on the right track, so to speak.

What I have realized is that they have been there all along…but I have been blind to them.

For, like, my entire life.

I have been in love with writing since I was in grade school. I will tell you all about my blindness in another post, but it’s really unbelievable how many signs I have glossed right over in my life.

Well, no more.

I may not be able to see the whole path – I’m sure it goes through that forest over there, and around that bend, maybe up that mountain and down into the valley below.

What is important is that I am on it, taking steps, and believing that it is going to take me where I have been headed towards my whole life.

Yup, I got all that from one favorited tweet.

Well, two, ’cause I got this one this morning:


So bring on the #BigMagic, the inspiring  talk next weekend from Elizabeth Glibert, the continued enthusiasm and focus and desire and inspiration.

I will continue to believe in serendipity, the power of manifestation and that ANYTHING is possible if you can just #BeBrave and #LiveALittle.


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