Vanilla Cookies or Things That Make You Say Yum

Hello V&V Followers,

I want to share with you a few of the things I have come across this week that have brought me joy, made me think, or taught me something new.

First off, you may have guessed that I enjoy listening to podcasts. I have a pretty long commute for my “paid job” and one  of the ways I use the car time to my benefit is by listening to podcasts.

I have listened to Liz Gilbert’s Magic Lessons, Danielle LaPorte’s Beautiful Writers, and many, many others that I will share with you over time.

The thing I love the most is listening to a podcast that ends up having a message that feels tailor-made for me. I almost always get something useful out of a podcast – even if it is just a heads up on another podcast!

And somedays I will listen to the same podcast on the way home as I did on the way to work, because there was so much good stuff in it.

This week’s podcast “a-ha” moment came via The Creative Warriors podcast and host Jeffrey Shaw’s conversation with the “Introvert Entrepreneur” Beth Buelow.

Beth mentioned an interesting switch in the use of the word “introvert.” She suggested rather than using it as a noun, as in “I am an introvert,” we use it as a verb as in “I am introverting.”

I thought this shift might be useful in my relationship with my sweetie, so when I am in that special space I get in, I can just say, “I am introverting”, or “I gotta introvert for a bit, but I’ll come back soon.”

Who knows…it’s worth a shot! 😉

Another thing I am digging is my new moleskine chapter journal. I love this idea because I have so many irons in the fire and this lets me keep notes for each project individually and yet in one place.

Much better than carting around at least four notebooks with me every day.

And since I got on a “get organized for the new year” kick I also picked up another fun calendar for my desk, this beauty from sugar.paper’s collection for Target.

I may or may not have also picked this up, just ’cause it was sexy. (Looks like it is sold out online. You may be able to find one at Target.)

As you can see, I am a paper and pen kinda gal, and I love to be able to flip through pages, take notes, and have physical keepsakes to look back on. I have years worth of my old moleskine yearly planners at this point.

I dunno, it’s kinda quirky, but I enjoy it.

Hope you think some of these are cool too!


Rhymes with Yes!




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