I’m Walking My Talk or Why I Feel a Little Nauseous

Last week I talked a big game. You know, how it was time to quit doing all this planning and researching and taking of e-courses.How it was past time to take my own bull by the horns and just freakin’ do it!

I may have used a cuss word. #sorrynotsorry


I hope the strong language didn’t offend you, but sometimes you need a strong word to get the point across. I mean, “Darn it pickles, peaches and cream!” just doesn’t have the same effect.

Consider yourself warned: I may do it again someday. But not today, because today…today all my angst is on the inside.

Why is that? you may ask.  Why are you feeling angst-y? 

Because I have been doing it.  All that “doing” I was referring to?  The “if you want to write, write. If you want to be big, then go big” stuff?

I am doing it.

I am putting myself out there in the Universe. I am putting the “action” in “attraction.” I am walking the talk, people! And you know what?

It is way scarier than I made it out to be.

But it is also way more awesome than I made it out to be.

You see, being brave and taking action to bring your dreamplan into reality is super amazing and juicy!  Exciting! Invigorating! Totally nerve-wracking!

And also 100% essential.

There is no way to get “there” – wherever your “there” is – without putting your sensitive little creative heart out there.

So be Brave! Say YES! to possibility.

Eventually, possibility will say YES! back to you.

In Belief,

Rhymes with Yes!






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