Letting the Space In or Why I Always Get Sick Around My Birthday

It began in 1998. At the time I attributed it to burning the candle at both ends and then dousing it with tequila while dancing late into the night.

But it has happened every year since – with varying intensity – and I have not carried out any of the above mentioned shenanigans since 1998.

Well, maybe that once. But that is a story for another day.

“What is it?” you may ask. It is that I get sick every year right around my birthday.

Some years it is “stay home and spend days on the toilet or couch” sick and some years it is “I have a very bad cold” sick.

I forgot all about it this year until a couple days after my birthday when I started to feel under the weather. My head was pounding and my body ached and as I changed into my pajamas and laid down to take a nap at 3 in the afternoon it dawned on me:

“Oh yeah, it’s the birthday sickness.”


I have come to see this phenomenon as my body’s way of slowing me down. Forcing me to stop spinning like a dervish and take stock of my life.

Where am I? (on the couch, or in bed, obvs. I mean in an existential sense, peeps.) #vocab

What were the highlights of the past year? 

What do I want to bring more of into my life in the coming year? 

What do I want to let go of? 

It’s like I am shedding the skin of my previous life and growing into something new.

Each year I am born again.

Having been fortunate enough to survive another year on Earth I am gifted with another one. I have to make it worthwhile.

So, I am spending time reviewing my 47th year on this planet and focusing in on what I want to accomplish in year 48.

It looks something like this:

  • complete the transition into making my living exclusively from my writing and creative midwife business.
  • complete and publish The Crime of Deception the second book in my #veryhot erotic romance series. (You can check out book one: The Crime of Seduction here.)
  • complete and publish Book Three in the series. And not take over a year to do it. 
  • Get healthier.  In the years since my kidney donation #livingdonorsrock I have gained at least 40 pounds and been a hormonal mess. Turns out I am just a few months away from being “officially” menopausal. #TMI I believe the hormonal storm has contributed to a decline in my health. So I am dedicated to getting back on track and am looking forward to feeling better and better as I get older. #lookout

That is what I have come up with for now. I am still working on the details and have some more work to do on how, precisely, I am going to achieve these goals.

I may make some changes to my blog. #focus #streamline

I may have to spend less time on Facebook #gasp #thehorror 

I need to declutter. More. I am going to start with this plan from bemorewithless. 

There may be more. I am dedicating the remainder of 2015 to creating a solid plan for next year.

More importantly, I am resting and taking care of my self.

And enjoying the space between now and 2016.



Rhymes with Yes!

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