Following My Own Advice or Why I Have Friends Who Keep Me on Track

Thank goodness I have wise and patient friends. Who knows what bad decisions I would make without them to talk me off the shiny ledge.


Today was a rough day. But in the spirit of true vulnerability and sharing the sweet and the sour of my writer’s life, let me tell you all about it. #causewhynot?

Maybe it will resonate with you.

Some background: After many years of searching, over-thinking, fits and starts and detours I have declared that my desire and purpose is to make a living from my writing as a blogger, poet, journalist and novelist. 

Did I just say that out loud? #ownit

This shouldn’t be news to you, or to me frankly, but some days you say something and it hits you right in the gut with more force than ever. Today is one of those days.

Because today I chose writing over money. Over a  full-time job. Over company paid health benefits.

OK, wait. Let me rephrase that:

Today I said YES! to me.

To my dreams.

I did what I always tell you to do: Be Brave!

You see, on Monday HR called and asked me to take on another day of teaching and work full-time. I said I would think about it. I reasoned:

They need me.

I will make so much more money.

It’s only until the end of the school year.

I am not making much progress with my book anyways.

Maybe I need a break from writing to get re-focused. 

I told a dear, lifelong friend about the offer. She said “Great, is this the sign that you need to quit altogether?”

I told my 15 year old daughter and she said, “Mom, that’s stupid!” [did I mention she is 15? #teenageyears] She went on, “You took this part-time job to have more time to write, why would you work full-time?!?”

I queried my friends who reminded me of my stated goals and the fact that I specifically asked them to help me stay focused and on track.

I mean, this is what I am paying them for! Well, not really paying them, but you get my drift. #wine #chocolate

Basically they said this:

Believe In Yourself 2

They said, “You’re doing great!” and “You are making progress!” and “Don’t give up!”

So I contacted HR and said, “On second thought…I am not able to take the extra day.” They said, “OK.”

And that was that.

Except it wasn’t. It was so much more.

It was me being like this:



Strong, powerful and in charge ~ with more than a little help from my friends! #youknowwhoyouare

With Brave Gratitude,

Rhymes with Yes!





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