Just When You Think You Have a Plan…

I have been working diligently for the past couple of months, working on getting past my internal barriers to success (by my definition).

I enlisted a life coach, did my homework, made some breakthroughs and feel like I have a much clearer sense of purpose.

My purpose in life is to stay present, curious, grateful, and connected to myself and loved ones, to nurture friend and family relationships, to choose quality over quantity, to explore the world near and far, to be authentically me and to share my many stories to inspire others. 


I made the decision to transition fully into writing and working to identify what I see as my “gifts” to the world. I want to create a sustainable business that utilizes the skills and passion I have and helps others identify and pursue theirs.

I am here to help you say YES to the dream you have held on to since you were little, the one you tucked away like the precious jewel it is, the one you have protected so diligently, lest it get tarnished or stolen. That gem you have held so close and so dear needs to see the light of day. It deserves to shine and sparkle and light up the world and it can only do it if you say YES to honoring it and sharing it with the world. 


I feel really good about the work I have done.




I made the decision to transition out of teaching and I promptly landed three (!) clients, AND got more work at the newspaper – all solid steps in the right direction.

I bought ViVi the Vespa for my short trips around town as part of my Life Simplification Plan:


I even fancied up my office:


Things are looking up, feeling good.  I have a solid plan in place, the house and office and work are all lined up and ready for take off. Once school is out in early June we are all systems go!

But wait, don’t celebrate quite yet.

You know how things go, right?


We got a call from our landlord last Tuesday.

They are moving back into the house.

We have to be out in 60 days.


Oh man.

The rental market here in Santa Cruz, CA is off the charts. Plus we have pets.

So, I ‘ve been a little spun out all week. I have been side tracked by putting together a family bio to share with potential landlords, letting all our friends, family and associates know we are looking, following up on leads and checking out houses as soon as they are listed.

We have seen several houses already –  in less than a week – so we are optimistic, but we are really happy where we are and so being told we have to move is a shock. I’ve never been told I had to move out of a house – ever. I have moved, sure, but it’s always been my choice. Now I realize how fortunate I have been.

We had asked in January if we needed to start looking, because there was a rumor the landlords were planning to move back in, but they assured us we had several more years here. Obviously circumstances changed…and, to be fair, it is their house.

Besides,  it could have been worse. They gave us 60 days, not 30. I will be off for the summer so I have time to pack, clean, move, and unpack. (yay?)

And, above all, it is a reminder that you just never know what life will bring you,so you better enjoy and appreciate all you have on any given day, because it can change in the blink of an eye.

I am open to all the Universe has too offer. I am excited to see our new home and am open to all the gifts and joy it will bring us. I am looking forward to the new iteration of our life – relaxed, simplified and abundant in light, love and laughter. All this and more. 


Rhymes with Yes!



One thought on “Just When You Think You Have a Plan…

  1. Hey….loved this.  You are getting really good.  Bill emailed me that you had to move.  Sorry to hear that, but am confident you will be all right after reading your blog.  Let me know if I can be of help in the moving experience.  Good chance to purge and free yourself.I found the graphics made the blog more enjoyable to read.  Gave the eyes some diversion and seem to make you flow thru the words.  Now sure how that works.Take care.P.S. I hear Maya is having a good track season, must be thrilling for you.Love Auntie J


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