My Wish: On Bravery and Dreams

I love to write. 

It’s that simple.


This blog is about my lifelong journey as a writer, but also about my quest for bravery.

I have struggled and fallen many, many times. I have been divorced twice. I have filed bankruptcy. I have left jobs and careers with nothing on the horizon other than a desire for “something else” or “something better”.

Sometimes I have found it, sometimes I haven’t.

I have lain on the couch for days, tending to my bruised ego, my broken heart, my depressed spirit.

But I keep getting up. Over and over again. I’ve gotten better at listening to my gut, my intuition. More importantly, I trust her. I trust me.

I am not afraid to fail.

I’ve done it enough that it no longer scares me the way it used to. Or for as long as it once did. I bounce back a lot faster these days. Partly because I am learning how fast time goes – how nothing is promised and things really, truly, madly do change in the blink of an eye.

I hope I inspire one of you – out there, reading this. I hope I inspire someone to try something new, to say YES! to that dream you have held in your heart for so long.

I hope I inspire you to take one small, scary step in the direction of that “Someday I will…” thing. That “If I won the lottery I would…” dream.

I am here to enCOURAGE you – the timid dreamer – to bring your dreams into the light and life your life of bravery and purpose.

Join me, be Brave, say YES!

Rhymes with Yes!

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