Hannele and the Hummingbird


Today I am trying something different. I have done a video for this week’s post!

In it, I explain the title of these week’s post (and horribly mispronounce Hannele’s name, I’m sure.)  I also admit to being a little jeals of Liz Gilbert’s mad success as a writer.

I even read one of my poems!

I feel like I should apologize, because:

a) I’ve never done a video entry before

b) it’s long (ten minutes!)

c) I can’t bear to watch it so who knows what happens!

Before I talk myself out of this (and so the rest of this post has at least a small chance of making sense)….

Here’s the video:

Did you watch it? Major good karma points if you watched the whole thing!

Click here for the video link Hannele so thoughtfully sent me.

Here is the link to last week’s post for Fearless Seekers. 

Here is the poem I read:

Self-Portrait as a Hummingbird

Jewels red as the boldest Rioja

surround my neck.


An exotic choker

given to me by my Spanish lover

after a night of sangria, Flamenco,

bilingual declarations of love.


My body is luminescent green.

Bright velvet

you yearn to touch,

to feel the smooth texture

yet before the impulse forms

I am gone.


There are so many flowers in this garden

I must taste them all.

The purple ones on bended stem,

red ones flaming on the bush,

pink apple blossoms

sweetest in the fall.


I must drink the heavy nectar of lavender,

indulge the yearning buds of rosemary.

The constant motion

of my wings is blinding.


You cannot see

how exhausted I am

by this



Only by chance

will you catch

a glimpse of me



Sitting on the wire

above your head

dreaming of Spain.

Like I mention in the video, I am OK with being a hummingbird. It feeds me, keeps me moving forward. I have for so long believed that I just didn’t know what it was I want out of life…but I do really.

I just never thought it was possible. #peoplelaughedatme

It’s true. #Iforgivethemtheydidn’tknowbetter

So often we laugh at people’s dreams because we think they are too fantastic, or we scoff and say “Good Luck”, or “Don’t quit your day job.”

I’ve always said it would be great to get paid to read and write. Or travel and write.

travel-newspaper-iced-coffeeGuess what? It is.

Now that I know it is possible all I have to do is do more  and get better, and then the better money will follow. #goals

Along the way I will encourage the dreamers, the strivers, the curious, the “I can’t settle”-ers.

I will cheer the hummingbirds.

still hummingbird.png

Flying high,


PS: I watched the video. I apologize for the lip smacking and I kept thinking I had lipstick on my teeth.




2 thoughts on “Hannele and the Hummingbird

  1. Dear Jessica, I`m very touched that you thanked me here in your blog so thank YOU! 🙂 Isn’t this one of the best things that blogging can do we can interact with each other even if we are from the other side of this world and send good feelings 🙂 And your video was great! 🙂


  2. You go girl! The hummingbirds are here now in force. somedays I can see 6-7 at once in the yard. They are everywhere. Exploring every flower. Checking my feeders to see if I “got the mix right this time” They drink from every flower for nourishment, however, they are also nurturing each flower…so I would say…see yourself as a nurturer. A nurturer with such talent you can nurture your desire for new experiences by giving yourself the OK to do so. I know you. You touch so many lives. Lives that you have nurtured in untold ways…ways that you may not even know. You do that with your curious mind that vocalizes questions, thoughts, ideas about ideals, positive words of encouragement. I loved the video and your honest to goodness honest to goodness.


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