36 hours in San Francisco: Part 1

A few weekends ago we got a last-minute offer to use a friend’s San Francisco apartment.

We used to have a regular place we rented for 65 bucks a night in the great neighborhood of Hayes Valley. We would go up a few times a year and began to feel like we knew the neighborhood and had our favorite café and restaurants. When the guys at the little grocery next door would chat us up and ask about the woman who owned the apartment we were flattered they remembered us.

But, as so many things do, this good thing came to an end when the family decided to sell the apartment – and who can blame them? I’m sure they got a lot of pretty pennies for a place they rarely used themselves.

So when my sweetie’s friend offered use of his family’s apartment close to the Transamerica building I broke out my overnight bag and got to packing! #SFisalwaysayes


Friday Night Arrival

We arrived at the 15th-floor apartment and were excited to check out the view – the Transamerica building to the left and Coit Tower to the right. #nottooshabby


After we settled in for a bit (read: I took a nap while sweetie went to the store to get snacks, drinks, and coffee for the morning) we Yelped the neighborhood and decided on the Wayfare Tavern for dinner.



We sat in the bar since it was a Friday night and it was booked. We like the bar area, so that was not a problem. Our waiter was friendly and sporting his two sizes too small shirt with attitude! 😉 They start you out with a brioche that tastes like a cornmeal croissant, but tastes better than that sounds. #tastesbetterthanitlookstoo


Sweetie went with the highly touted fried chicken and I went with a vegetable gnocchi. Mine was not bad, but sweetie loved his meal.

At about this point our waiter got lost in the weeds, and while we waited for him to notice our drinks were finished and we were done eating we got to do some good people watching, and enjoyed the busyness of a Friday night at a good restaurant, including the table next to us who didn’t even blink at a $35 corkage fee!

By the time our waiter got his head above water and came back around to us we were a little irritated, but he earned some of our good graces back with his strong recommendation of the housemade doughnuts for dessert. O.M.G. #sogood


Dinner was good, dessert was great, service was sub-par. Our waiter charged us twice for an entree, and after his lackluster service we were not happy with that little mistake. #wecaughtit

That said, we would try Wayfare Tavern again, although I would like to sit at a table next time. #planahead

Saturday in San Francisco

Saturday started for us with breakfast at my must stop spot Café de la Presse just off Union Square. I’ll be honest, it may not be the best breakfast place in the City, but it’s one of those spots I simply have to visit when I go to San Francisco.


I love the wall of  international (primarily French) magazines and newspapers and started the day with a mimosa and a stack of French reading material.

Speaking of shopping, that was what was on our agenda, and we definitely did it! Our first stop was on our way to breakfast. As we walked through up and coming Jackson Square I stopped to take a photo of the new Isabel Marant shop:


and as I took a shot from the side, we noticed this plaque:


“If, as they say, God spanked the town for being over frisky, why did he burn the churches down and save Hotaling’s whisky?”

#classic #spankthetown

Just down the adjacent alley was the Shinola/Filson shop, so, of course, we had to stop there. Sweetie loves watches and leather, and I love shiny bikes and notebooks.

We had a great time checking out all the goods, and sweetie offered to buy me a set of notebooks, which the boys at Shinola will emboss for free.

The only thing missing was a mimosa, and apparently, they will be offering those on weekend soon! #greatidea #justmissedit

Sweetie had his eye on something new for himself (he has been busier than ever in the last few months) and so we went to the one shop he wanted to go to: Louis Vuitton.


To be honest, we went there after a couple of stops along the way, like Banana Republic, H&M, Apple, and DSW. #wellgetthere

Aside from the impeccable customer service, the people watching was incredible. I saw a guy with a cat…in Louis Vuitton! #moneytalks


I think this is the best note to leave this blog post on…a kitten in Louis Vuitton!

Next up, dinner at Café Claude and Sunday morning at the Ferry Building!

More to come,



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