21 Days of Body Love: An Experiment


In my effort to lose weight I often challenge myself.

I’ve tried the Great Potato Famine, where, for a month, I resisted my afternoon potato chip craving. I didn’t order french fries with dinner.

I did it to break the habit I had established, and I hoped it might help me lose a pound or two.



I survived a self-imposed  Prohibition Month, where I didn’t drink for a full 30 days.

I though perhaps I would lose a few pounds the way my brother-in-law did when he quit drinking for a few weeks. Or my sister-in-law who lost 6 pounds when she quit her evening beer habit.



I dedicated myself to the Great Bread Famine, where I thought perhaps my bloated belly would flatten out if I avoided bread for a month.

I made it two days until I ordered my favorite sandwich for lunch and forget to hold the bread.

Oops. #sorrynotsorry

This time I have decided to ADD something to my daily diet, rather than take something away.

No, not exercise (we can discuss that later…)

I have decided upon a 21 Day Body Love Challenge.



Yup. 21 days of telling my body how much I love her! How gorgeous she is! How strong and awesome and PERFECT she is, just the way she is.

Why 21 days? Well, because I turn 49 in 19 days and I actually came up with the idea a couple of days ago. 😉

This way, if I can be nice to myself and adore myself for the remaining 19 days, then by the time I hit my last year as a 40-something I will be on my way to establishing a positive habit.

Besides, I haven’t been super successful in taking anything OUT of my diet, so why not ADD something? #jessicalogic

I’ll be telling myself I’m beautiful each day and posting a photo of myself that I find beautiful (honestly, I struggle even to say that. How about a not so bad photo?)


Please forgive me if this seems ego-driven or horribly self-indulgent. It’s actually a radical act of self-preservation.

Here are my Day 1 and Day 2 photos:



I’m hoping that after 21 days my photo won’t have me looking as uncomfortable as I do in the Day 1 photo!

I’ll be looking and feeling as good as my idol Ashley does! Bam!




Tell me – what do you say to YOUR body to let it know it is LOVED? 

With love,



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