Self-Adoration, Day 2


I just posted this on Facebook:

Some of us have had a tough few days. Our human nature is to try to make sense of things, even the things that defy logic or understanding. It can be difficult to accept that which seems unacceptable, and yet, there it is.

Lovingkindness meditation is a wonderful introduction to both meditation and compassion toward oneself and others.

My daughter and many of her friends and classmates lost one of their own this weekend. I don’t want to go into the details here, but it is both polarizing and drawing people together.

Such is life these days it seems.

So, I was supposed to post a photo of myself today. My body. Because I am trying to learn to adore myself, the physical body.

And yet, as we well know, the physical body is just one element of it all.

We are body:


We are mind:


And we are soul:


I began this morning with a meditation on compassion. I felt I needed it. I felt my child needed it. I felt our community needed it.

(If you need it too, here is a link to some short, secular guided meditations)

Which brings me to that which I adore about myself today:

My open heart.

I believe I have one. I believe I am compassionate and have the ability to empathize.

I often said I could be a good attorney because I could argue either side, as I could see both sides, but would make a lousy judge because I could never decide which side to agree with.

So here is my love letter to my heart:

Dear Heart,

Beyond your ability to keep me alive – and alove – in this earthly realm I thank you for remaining open.

Even though there is reason to close yourself to others, to experiences, to connection, you remain open with a strange sense of optimism that doesn’t always make sense.

You are good. You are strong. You have carried me through loss, shame, fear, and anger. You continue to grow and soldier on.

For that, I am deeply grateful. May you continue to keep pace with my life. May you continue to remain open to the good in the world. May you continue to expand when you see dolphins in the ocean, miraculous sunsets, deeply pigmented skies in the morning, and the hummingbird that greets me in the morning with its song.

May you continue to emanate your glow to those I love and everyone I come in contact with.

Because whether we like it or not, we are all connected.




On my 40th birthday.


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