Self-Adoration Day 4 or 5: On Mathematical Errors and Misunderstandings


First of all, I guess this is actually Day FIVE. #mathisnotmystrongpoint

I thought of the challenge, posted the first blog post 2 days later, and the actual days of the challenge don’t match up with the number of posts, but what the heck…#whocares #yougetthejist

My 21-Day Self-Adoration Challenge ends on my 49th birthday – December 9th – and THAT is the point. #sothere

OK, that was the mathematical error portion of our show, now to misunderstandings:


I received a comment wondering why I share this kind of personal stuff and saying that it seems like I am looking for some kind of validation through comments and page likes.


I spent some time thinking about that. Is that true for me? Am I looking for external validation? Posting selfies in an effort to get likes and positive comments so I will feel more attractive?

As I have said before, it isn’t about getting comments from others. Those don’t affect me because the issue I have with my body is between me and my body. 

It’s not between the public and my body. I don’t feel unhappy because people say mean things to me.

 I feel unhappy because I say mean things to me. 

Because I am who I am, I try to figure things out. I spend time researching other people with similar issues, I talk to friends about it – and often find I am not alone.

Because I find strength in knowing I am not alone and learning that other women my age share this same dilemma, issue, sickness, self-hatred, delusion #callitwhatyouwill, that makes me think maybe by sharing my story I can help someone else.

Even if it is just reaching one other woman and letting her know she is not alone. 

Well, that and I am a writer, blogger, and over-sharer by nature. And I am drawn to other writers who are authentic over-sharers too.

So then, the answer is NO. 

I am not seeking validation from others, I am seeking a path to SELF-acceptance. 

And I share my struggles because this is how I process things – through research, contemplation, dialogue, sharing, discussion, and the written word.

This is who I am.


Day 5 #nomakeup #nofilter 


Authentically and unapologetically,






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