Day 6: An Ode to My Body


Oh Body,

you are made of verdant, rolling hills

where secrets are hidden.

Home to private hiding places

where lovers have met for decades.


Your mounds of velvet

have been worn soft by time,


earthquakes big and small.



There are trails worn into your sides,

and the fog rolls in each day

depositing silver dew drops

that sparkle in the light of dawn.


Once hard and fast you are now

softer, sturdier.

Made of fertile soil, unhealed crevices,

forgotten streams.


You hide wells

of deep wisdom

drawn upon in times of great need

or drought.


Oh Universe,

please protect this land, these hills, these peaks.

Let them lie undisturbed

in the afternoon sun.


Let them be admired and revered

for the natural beauty they hold.

The steadfastness they offer.

The lives they have sustained.


Oh Body,

Your mountains, hills, valleys,

they are sacred

and should be honored as

holy sites where miracles

have happened.


~jessica janis johnson 2016


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