Post Angry Post: What I Am Up To

A few nights ago I was at a dear friend’s house for a vision board party. (if you don’t know what the heck that is, you can read about the one I hosted for our 2016 visions here.) 

Over the course of the evening,  my friend asked what I was up to these days. You know, the So, what are you working on? question.

Hmmm, I thought…what am I doing? Anything new? Exciting? 


It has been a month since my last post, where I flipped off the world and my 21-day self-acceptance challenge.


Although I have to say, that post was pretty cathartic for me, and it did help me break out of the minute dissection of, and close inspection of,  my flaws.

Who really wants to read about that crap, anyways?


Now, there is the aspect of being transparent to one’s readers…I am honest in my trials and tribulations, challenges and conundrums…I think that is important.

I enjoy it in others.

However, there clearly is a point when that is no longer useful. Not for me to write about, nor for you to read about. Partly because, in the grand scheme of things, the size of my belly doesn’t matter.


If my belly is flat(ter), will that get my pitch to the big magazine accepted?


Will it help me attract a loving partner who supports my ambition and rubs my feet when asked nicely? #AlreadyHaveHim


Will a smaller dress size and arms like the ones I had 25 years ago attract the abundance I am welcoming? #sorrynope

What will?

Focus. Commitment. Practice.

Continuing to write daily, dedication to putting myself out there through poems and stories and essays and blog posts.


Fearlessness and hope and luck. Yes, luck. You never know what serendipity will bring your way. #Ibelieve

Hard Work. Hustling. Meeting deadlines and new people.


So, here we are.

And this is what I am up to: 

Here are the first three:

january 1
january 2
january 3

You can see the rest as they appear on my Instagram, although I will be posting them here now, too, so if you follow the blog you will get them as well. #soeasy #poetrydelivered

Believe it or not, there’s more!

  • I’m working on a continuation of my very dirty, not at all suitable for work (#NAASFW) erotic romance the Crime of Seduction.

AND….I have two assignments to write about this most amazing activist friend of mine, who is a complete inspiration and I am excited to help spread her amazing story!


That’s a lot. I’m ready for a nap.




I’d love it if you would share your comments here, it’s always nice to get feedback!

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