Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 10 or Walking the Walk


I’ll be honest, right about now I am thinking I am a little nuts for committing to this challenge. I mean, truth be told, some most days I am writing the poem of the day in bed at 11:55.

Here’s a secret: On those nights I joke that I am going to use my emergency poem that goes a little something like this:

Roses are red, violets are blue, 

today is the day I have nothing for you. 

Thankfully, my sweetie always talks me out of taking the short cut and I persevere.

Yet, I thought it was a great idea to add writing a few hundred words to the mix. I mean, I write a few thousand on an average day, so what’s a few hundred more? Well, it’s a few. hundred. more. Apparently, I like to bite off more than I can chew.  #nomnomnom

But here’s the thing about biting off more than I can chew, so to speak…


It leads to good things.

Like, really good things.

About a year ago I began a journey some may have thought was crazy – I decided to pursue my dream of being a writer, with the goal to make my living –  a good living –  from writing.

Am I there yet? Not quite.

Am I closer? Heck yeah!

Honestly, the progress I have made in the last year – while painfully slow at times and frequently wrought with doubt and despair – is pretty flippin’ amazing.

I started out writing for free six months before I took the big leap in an effort to make connections, get my name back out there (this is my second foray into freelancing), and begin to rebuild my portfolio.

My hourly rate has steadily risen as my skills improve and my portfolio (and confidence) grow. I continue to land new clients and am able to raise my prices as my dance card fills faster and faster.

While I work long days (12 hours+ most days of the week), it is totally worth it to be the Mistress of my daily activities and have the flexibility to take an afternoon to myself to read if I want to.


I’ve recently had a professional epiphany (aha! the subject of tomorrow’s post!) that I believe is going to propel me to the next level of my writing adventure and I can’t wait to see how it transpires!

More tomorrow…




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