Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 11 or How Floating Brings Clarity


In yesterday’s post, I alluded to a recent professional epiphany I had that I believe will propel me to the next level in my writing career.

It’s a very simple concept, the combination of an a ha! moment and a duh! moment,  and it is essentially this:

That I am qualified to look for work as a professional, full-time copy or content writer if I so desire.

You see, my normal modus operandi is based on self-doubt.

It is not uncommon for me to swing between by desire for freedom, autonomy, and independence (in work, specifically, and in life in general as well) and a very real need for security, stability, and a healthy IRA.

Historically, that has meant I take a job that I can do easily (administrative work, teaching PE) to bring in a steady income, and give me what I think is a sense of stability.

Subsequently, I get bored, am unfulfilled, and riot by quitting my job and taking off in pursuit of my creative dreams which revolve around writing.

This has been going on for thirty years. #lifetime

But this summer, as I was floating on the healing waters of Lake Siskyou, I was gifted with a realization of the obvious:

I can write for a living and get paid really well for it! I can manifest the perfect writing job! I can have my cake and eat it too! 


Not only that, but I can eat that cake for breakfast if I want to!

I mean, I have the skills – I have been writing for 35 years, I’ve written newsletters, news articles, profiles, blog posts, breaking news, creative briefs, web copy, fiction, poetry, press releases, business plans, grant applications, fundraising letters, email copy, product descriptions, mission statements, lesson plans, workshop materials, training manuals, reviews, travel articles, personal essays, employee handbooks…and the list goes on.

I have studied psychology, mindfulness, health and wellness, and English. I have taught students from grade school through junior college. I’ve worked in marketing, advertising, PR, education, international education, athletics, women’s health, reproductive health, law, food service, retail, catering, administration, and as a coach, personal trainer, executive assistant, teacher, legal secretary, food and cocktail server.

I’ve had this blog for over 7 years, manage four Facebook pages, two twitter pages, three Instagram accounts, two Pinterest boards, plus have built three websites – all by myself. And YouTube! And wrote a book in six weeks and self-published and marketed it. #strangersboughtit #andreadit #andlikedit #andwantmore

I’m entrepreneurial, experienced, inquisitive, display initiative, a quick learner, nimble, eager, accomplished, curious, relatively fearless, persistent, and 100% able to write well about anything that comes my way.

Except tech.

Or math.

Not my thing. #neitherareanchovies

I think I am going to be just fine.

See what a week on the lake can do? You should try it.


Refreshed and Revived,


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