Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 18 or Some Days We Rest and That’s OK Too


This is a perfect image of my writing life.

And my moods, if I am honest.

I am high energy, positive, encouraged, optimistic, feelin’ good for a while and then….


It’s nice being able to ride the waves up and down – that’s a luxury I get working as a freelancer. If I’m having a low or tired day I can just get the minimum done and then rest – take a nap, read, walk with friends. Whatever I want to do.

Today is one of those low energy days. I’ve been tired since I woke up.

I guess the migraine, the “channeling”, and the emotional undercurrent of reliving my mom’s death has taken its toll on me.

So, I’m going to honor the feeling of I just want a glass of wine and Project Runway and come back with more wordly words and thoughtly thoughts for you tomorrow.

And I’ll leave you with today’s #poemoftheday #day 236



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