Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 20: Ask Me Anything


When I taught high school English I began the school year with a fun exercise. I wanted to get to know my students and thought that writing throughout the year would be an avenue to learn about what they liked, worried about, and wanted to do with their lives.

In an effort to establish a sense of honesty and trust I let them ask me anything – anonymously.

I told them I would read every question and would likely answer every question, though I reserved the right to pass on anything I thought was too personal or I didn’t think I should answer.

Thankfully, most of the questions were totally innocent (you never know with high school kids!) and I was able to answer all of them.


One question was: are you a virgin? And since I was 40 something and had already told them I had two children I felt pretty solid telling them I wasn’t. In fact, I think I said Well, I have two kids, so I’ve done it twice. 

So, here we are. Day 20 of my Fearless Writing Challenge and I would like to extend the same offer to you here, now.

Ask me anything.

emily-morter-188019Preferably about me, so I have a chance of being able to answer it. I mean, if it’s math related you are shit out of luck. #notamathmatician


You can ask me about my life, freelancing, track and field, poetry, my deepest thoughts, dreams, fears….you name it.

Like I told my class, I reserve the right to pass on anything I deem too personal or that may adversely affect someone else, but I’m pretty much an open book.


Post your question in the comments – I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

In anticipation,



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