Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 21: 30 Facts About Me

Yesterday’s post was called Ask Me Anything. 

Thank you to those who have posed questions! I will answer them tomorrow, promise!

In the meantime, here are a few thirty random facts about me:


  1. My mom was 18 when she had me.
  2. She was pregnant when she graduated from high school.
  3. My dad was a college student.
  4. My grandmother took my mom from northern California down to southern California for her pregnancy test to avoid anyone local “finding out.”
  5. My parents eloped to Reno to get married.

NOTE: ^^^this is all family legend. I have long wanted to write a memoir where I interview family members for their take on the story I believe to be true. My mom is gone, so I better get on the ball and start interviewing the others who may know what really happened! (I have been saying I better do this for years now…)

6. I take my coffee black


7. My parents’ nickname for me was Rosemary Buttbomb. #guesswhy

8. I lived next door to a notorious serial killer for a short while when I was a child.

9. I had a childhood friend named “Pookie.”

10. I used to ground myself when I was younger.

11. I was a latch-key kid.

12. When I was little I lived with my mom and step-dad and we lived next door to my father and his girlfriend.

13. If my sister had been a boy she would have been named after the Oakland A’s pitcher Vida Blue.

14. I dated an All-Star/MVP MLB baseball player.

15. I dated an NFL player who scored three touchdowns on Monday Night Football.

16. I’ve been married twice.

17. I’ve been divorced twice.

18. I take anti-depressants. #isthereaconnection?


19. The farthest I have traveled is Western Samoa.

20. I donated a kidney to my sister. (She is doing great health-wise!)

21. I have taken classes at four junior colleges and five universities.

22. One of my favorite smells is horse.


23. My first celebrity crush was a tie between William Shatner and and Robert Redford.

24. I had posters of Mikael Baryshnikov and Sylvester Stallone on my wall in grade school.

25. I wanted to be an Arabian horse trainer when I was a child.

26. I started writing poems when I was about 10.

27. I cry when I read amazing poems or sad books. #oldyellergotme #janekenyon

28. I love the smell of lavender and use lavender soap and lotion.  My ex-husband said I smelled like old lady.


29. My uncle committed suicide.

30. My favorite bird is either the hawk or the hummingbird.


Share something random about yourself in the comments – or ask me ANYTHING! 

Until tomorrow,


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