Fearless Writing Challenge: Day 28; My Most Liked Poem a Day Poems…so far

I began writing a short poem a day on January 1, 2017. I don’t know that I planned on writing one every day for a year – maybe I thought I would do 30 or 90 days. But here I am, I’ll be writing Day 246 today, so I really must keep going.

I’ll have a pretty cool collection when I am done!

I thought today I would share with you my Top Poem-a-Day poems, based on Instagram likes.

I had three poems with 36 likes:

Day 81:


I’m not sure if I wrote this after a particular event, or just in gratitude for my girlfriends. #doesitmatter?

Day 113:


This was inspired by watching a track meet. My daughter runs and I love watching her and her teammates and how they move so effortlessly. I miss that profoundly.

Day 129:


I wrote this one after going to court with the ex and us getting into it in the hall of the courthouse after the hearing. I am so glad I left. It feels so good to be able to breathe. I remain so thankful, even five years later.

Coming in with 39 likes, Day 97:


Life as a freelancer is hard. I have used most of my life’s savings on this quest for freedom and creative fulfillment. Some days I wonder if it is worth it, and how much more am I willing to risk…I do have two school-aged children to take care of, after all.

For now, I continue.

With 40 likes, Day 87:


Clearly written after one of my challenging days with one of the greatest loves of my life – my teenaged daughter.

And my most liked Poem a Day, so far, with 52 likes:

Day 159:


OK, I’m noticing a theme here…:-) Another poem about questioning myself…and yet, I #persist.

Thank you for reading…us creatives thrive on feedback (preferably positive) but just let us know we are not shouting into the void…like, share, follow, comment….it’s all appreciated!

If you’d like to follow my poem a day, you can do it here: https://www.instagram.com/jessicajanisjohnson/

With love,



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