Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 32: What Goes Up Must Come Down


Yes, I am referring to my mood.

After the high of yesterday, today pretty much sucked.

But, I am not going to dwell on how bad it sucked, or why it sucked…Nope, I’m going to practice some “thought stoppage” and focus on something else.

Today I received an email from bemorewithless and in it they asked: What would you do if the internet was broken for three days? 

That’s easy for me to answer:

I would read even more than I already do. I make reading a priority. Often I will spend a few hours on the couch with a novel. On the weekends I don’t have the kids with me I will spend a good portion of my free time reading, especially when I am reading a good book that I have to return to the library!

Right now I am reading Into the Water by Paula Hawkins.


I would write in my journal more.  I find that I don’t write in my journal as much anymore since I do so much writing on my laptop. So the good news is I am writing a blog post and a short poem every day, but the bad news is that it’s not done with pen and paper which is my preferred way to write. #oldschool


I would meditate more. I used to have a very robust meditation practice, but it has definitely dwindled in the past year or so. I regularly spend 12 hours or more online looking for markets to pitch, searching for gigs, writing articles, networking, etc.


Morning meditation at the new camaldoli hermitage on my 40th birthday. 


You know, this little list is basically a recipe for a mood reset. Which I desperately need. #grumplestilskin

I think perhaps I ought to try to incorporate a little more of each of these into my days, no matter what. Certainly, I can afford to take time away from social media and spend it on something that feeds my soul a little more substantially.

What would you do, if the internet was broken for three days? 



2 thoughts on “Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 32: What Goes Up Must Come Down

    1. Yeah, I’m feeling too busy and not seeing much reward for it right now…I am hoping to unplug this weekend, which – of course – means a late night tonight.


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