Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 38: My Fascination Advantage Results


Today we learn how people see me – which, I suppose, you could just tell me yourself – but why not spend some time reviewing the results of a test and see how accurate my self-perception is…and if your view of me lines up!

These results are from Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Advantage. 


The website explains the test thusly:

Your personality has one primary Advantage. It’s how you add value. It’s what makes you different and better. Think of it like a natural superpower for your personality. When you communicate using this Advantage, you earn more attention, and more revenue.

With just 28 short questions, the Fascination Personality Test will identify your primary Advantage, and reveal your personality Archetype.


OK, so, according to the test, my personality archetype, sorry, Archetype is The Quick-Start, which is a combination of  “Innovation” and “Alert” which means I am thorough, diligent, and imaginative as well as creative, visionary, and entrepreneurial.

I think that is a fair assessment. Imaginative, creative, and visionary all seem to be in the same family, so that’s accurate. 

Diligent aligns with my sense of persistence and resilience, so I agree with that one. 

And I definitely think of myself as entrepreneurial, though that is a more recent development of my personality. 


Apparently, this means the world sees me as someone who combines creative thinking with a strong drive to implement ideas according to plan, and who can “think on her feet.”


The “highest and best value” of the Quick-Start is that I am:

  • Independent and always in control, I add value by generating and implementing fresh ideas.
  • I’m not a dreamy thinker. I combine creativity with a drive to reach goals.
  • Others can rely on me to get the project delivered. Conscientious and hardworking, I ensure no detail escapes my attention.
  • I adapt my plans if required; I find innovative solutions to problems, and I keep my eye firmly on the deadline.

So far, so good, right? 

On the downside, I may be more intellectual and less warm and enthusiastic. I focus on tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines and rely on facts rather than gut feelings. #meh

Fellow innovators include Madonna, Einstein, Earhart, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Betty White.


All in all, says the Fascinate, The Quick-Start is thorough, diligent, prolific, can-do, and reliable. #Illtakeit

It’s actually been helpful for me to look through these results, especially because I think they are fairly accurate (and complimentary too!)

Considering I recently wrote a self-doubt riddled post, it’s been helpful for me to look at the results of these tests I took a year or so ago and be able to say yeah, I agree with that! 

It’s also timely because I have a big interview next week for a full-time copywriting gig that I am very interested in. It’s been helpful for me to review these results and think about how they may add value to the team I am interviewing with.

It’s always good to get a pep-talk of sorts before going in front of a panel of strangers and telling them how awesome you are, right?  #ihatethat


And guess what? I have to take another test for them before the interview. Apparently, it takes 60-90 minutes and compares my strengths to that of the current team.

The good news is I don’t get stressed over these kinds of assessments anymore. I go into interviews and welcome any chance to get to know the work environment as best I can – I want to be happy there, after all!

If I get the results I’ll be sure to share them with you! #ohjoy

Have you taken any personality test? Did you find them helpful? accurate? 



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