Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 39: Mining Old Journals

I have dozens of old journals.

In fact, I have the first diary I ever had, complete with a lock.

From time to time I will be looking for something specific in an old journal like,  I know I wrote a poem about that or I will flip through and look for lines that would lend themselves to a story or be the jumping off point for a poem.

milos-tonchevski-304525Mining journals is a useful practice. And also interesting.

And also sometimes depressing.

Like finding these mean things that were said to me by someone who shall remain nameless. (Let’s just say it to say I am not married to him anymore.)

Oh I’m positive. Positive you can’t do it. 

How was your senior citizen’s poetry group? 

You’re useless. 

If you say you are going to do something I know you won’t do it. 


Today I was looking through a couple and thought I would share some of the quotes and tidbits I have written to myself – the little reminders I keep.

  • Celebrate life’s happy moments. Revel in them. 
  • Be who you are, you sit on a bed of stars. 
  • achieve and maintain balance. cultivate a positive outlook. 
  • love yourself the way you are – dings and all. 
  • if you can get there by walking, then walk.
  • go lo-tech.

It’s interesting to see how I have stayed the same in many ways. Take, for example, the goals I had for my 39th year…which was nearly 11 years ago:

  • wake up happy
  • watch less TV
  • write more letters
  • write fewer emails
  • break the compulsive computer habit
  • be in the moment, happily, more

And goals for my 40th year:

  • walk more, drive less
  • appreciate my body
  • appreciate and value who I am
  • show more love to my children
  • write more than i read
  • when in doubt, be still

Below that I wrote:


The two are pretty similar, and if I had to write a list for my next year it might not be very different.

Here are some quotes I wrote down for safe-keeping:

show her that she is more important than anything in the world. admire her. speak to her with gentle words and listen to her…


Did I love well? Did I live fully? Did I learn to let go?


We can only do small things with great love.


I have kept silence for too long/I have held back and said nothing/Now I groan like a woman in labor/panting and gasping for air. ~ Isaiah 42: 14

Do you ever go through your old journals? If so, what have you re-discovered? 

Until tomorrow,


5 thoughts on “Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 39: Mining Old Journals

  1. That’s so amazing that you have your first journal. I probably only have some journals with a few pages written in only going back a few years. I wish I was a better keeper of my things.🙁


    1. It’s a big and heavy box…my BFF is under strict instructions to burn them if I die unexpectedly. My (much) younger sister read them when I was away at college and I doubt she will ever recover. LOL


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