Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 42: The Purge

Once or twice a year I go through a major purge. I’ll go through my closet and toss the clothes I no longer wear, aren’t flattering, or don’t fit me properly.

I’ll clean out all the lotion samples from my bathroom drawers or match all the Tupperware and leftover containers to their lids and recycle or donate the remainders.

I’ll donate random canned goods out of the pantry and take expired medicines out of the cabinet and dispose of them at the pharmacy.

But the clean out that both dread – and love – the most is the purging of the massive amount of self-help shit I have. 


Apparently, I am a self-help slut. #isaidit #admittingitisthefirststep

Here are some of the self-help books currently on my bookshelves or stacked around the house.

Keep in mind:

A) I read/collect a lot of other kinds of books.

B) I am a heavy library user, so that means I have read and returned many, many more.

C) There are probably others that may be considered self-help that I missed.

  • the secret
  • remember who you are
  • how then shall we live
  • the artist way
  • the prosperous heart
  • the art of play
  • big magic
  • broken open
  • finding your way in a whole new world
  • the wild mind
  • the book of awakening
  • the second half of life
  • living in gratitude
  • it’s easier than you think
  • the magic
  • living with intent
  • care of the soul
  • embracing each moment
  • letting go of the person you used to be
  • the joy plan
  • firestarter sessions
  • well designed life
  • steal the show
  • a year of miracles
  • the gifts of imperfection
  • turning pro
  • prosperity for writers
  • the war of art
  • lucky bitch
  • get rich lucky bitch
  • 10% happier
  • reinventing the body, resurrecting the soul
  • 12 secrets of highly creative women
  • blue ocean strategy
  • mindset
  • your heart’s desire
  • worth it
  • soloing
  • you are a badass
  • you are a bad ass at making money
  • born for this
  • the four hour work week
  • design the life you love



But wait! there’s more…don’t forget the emails! It’s so easy to hit “subscribe” on someone’s blog or website. I mean, who doesn’t want the Top 10 Ways to Your Heart’s Desire and Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Figure Out What That Is. 

Some of the emails in my EMAILS TO READ folder:

  • how to find clients
  • how to break into your dream publications
  • how to cultivate long-term clients
  • how to cold pitch
  • 10 publications that are paying right now
  • 110 websites that pay
  • how freelancers find fantastic interview sources
  • healing your money relationship
  • five tricks for more productive remote work
  • copywriting secrets of a middle-aged white man from Concord
  • the secret to landing a remote job part two
  • what’s your unfair advantage
  • writing as a path to awakening



Annnnndddd on my desktop in a folder labeled TO READ!!! are these not-to-be-overlooked PDFs, downloads, workbooks, and guides

  • resources to grow your blog
  • grow your traffic
  • how to blog for profit
  • the ultimate guide to landing clients online
  • 50 online publications that will pay for articles
  • bangin’ blog business plan
  • 10 successful pitches
  • the ultimate intention setting process
  • the cold pitching swipe file for new writers
  • the talking shrimp writing class
  • the freelance writer’s ABC’s
  • the official handbook to six-figure freelancing with zero experience
  • the freelance writer success formula
  • ultimate guide to making 100K as a freelancer
  • the short term massive action plan
  • your 100-day action plan planning for your business
  • the power of daily journaling
  • perfectly planned 2017: goals
  • perfectly planned 2017: mindset
  • perfectly planned 2017: plan
  • crazy sexy starter kit
  • your 2017 guide for following through on your creative desires, getting your scary shit done and showing up for your life
  • your e-book of achievements
  • headline hacks
  • hit send get referrals template

And what about podcasts?

God forbid you walk the dogs without something affirmative in your ear! Here are some of the podcasts currently in my feed:

  • magic lessons
  • online marketing made easy
  • the all indie writers podcast
  • the worried writer podcast
  • beautiful writers podcast
  • awaken radio podcast
  • adventures in happiness
  • the creative penn podcast
  • your kick ass life
  • the productivity show
  • the robin sharma mastery sessions
  • story makers podcast
  • write now

Frankly, I feel exhausted, overwhelmed, under-performing and totally behind  just reading this list!


I mean, this isn’t even all the stuff I have already read, worked, written, watched, workbooked, workshopped, brainstormed, conversated, masterminded, or been held accountable for.

It also doesn’t include live workshops, sessions, seminars, or coaching that I have (or still AM) paying for. 

Holy shit and what the fuckity fuck?

Really, my heart-rate has literally just gone up, I can feel it.

Because this makes me feel like the answer – if there is one – is out THERE somewhere.

What do I want to do with my life? How can I make a difference? How can I make a shit ton of money so I can read and write all day? How can I be who I am meant to be?

Well, guess what?

I have the secret already.

Right here:


That’s right. Right in my own hands.

Because, if I get quiet enough, still enough, have faith, practice patience, all the answers will bubble to the surface.


What do I want to do with my life? Spend time living and laughing with my loved ones. See the world. 

How can I make a difference? Cut up a watermelon and serve it to my friend who is going through chemo.  Love her. 

How can I make a shit ton of money so I can read and write all day? What if you don’t have to have a shit ton of money to do what you desire? You’re a creative, think outside the box. 

How can I be who I am meant to be? I already am me, without even trying. I see me when I am still. 



You know what else is really cool?

YOU, too, have ALL the ANSWERS to the QUESTIONS in YOUR soul. 

You don’t have to read 55 how-to-be-a-better XYZ books.

[But if it feels better to pay someone to tell you what to do, you can PayPal me!]

If you’re young, or just starting out, or starting over, maybe pick one book or class to start with. But here’s the trick: Do it, all of it, all the way through. 

Pick one book/workbook/course/workshop and do it all the way to the end. And only that one. No cheating on your course. One. At. A. Time. 

Then, you will be a different, wiser you and you can choose your next step. And the one after that.

But if you are like me, older and wiser, but constantly questioning yourself…

Just STOP.

You know more than you give yourself credit for.

Try listening to yourself, I hear she’s one smart cookie.

In Wisdom,



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