Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 44: Authentically Me



how YOU doin’…? 

Today was an exciting day – I had round two of interviews for a position I am super interested in (and uniquely qualified for, I might add…)

Normally I wouldn’t share so openly about something that is merely a possibility. You know, that whole don’t jinx it by talking about it thing.

But share I did. Maybe I did jinx it. Or set myself up for public humiliation as well as not getting the offer. #onlytimewilltell

But I want to share the ups and downs of this writer’s journey, and this is part of it. Putting yourself out there and – quite possibly – getting rejected.

As writers we do it all the time – pitching editors Hey, I have this great story I think your readers will love. 

And they say no thanks.

Or we send a manuscript out to a publisher and they say We appreciate the time you put into this, but it’s not for us. 

The trick is…you just gotta keep trying and have faith.

When it comes to an interview – I gotta be me…ow!


Check out the shoes I wore ^^^ #fierce

I had to channel some of my inner tigress, don’t you know?

Although it this shot they look more black and white which makes them look like zebra. #preynotpredator #oops

Anyhoo…I was 100% myself in the interview. For better or worse. The thing is, at this point, no matter how much I want a job, I am totally focused on being my authentic self. That’s a really nice place to be in. #finally

Years ago I had a nose ring – it was a small, subtle diamond stud.

A friend asked me if I was going to take it out for a job interview, saying she thought perhaps someone wouldn’t hire me because of it.

I said, Well, if they like me and don’t hire me because of my nose ring then I wouldn’t want to work for them. 

Maybe I’ve been this way for a while.

Afterall, who else am I going to be?




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