Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 48: Three of My Best Traits


There are a lot of things I dislike about interviews. Fortunately, I’ve gotten more confident over the years – and frankly, don’t go on interviews all that much anymore.

However, one of the questions that has gotten much easier for me to answer is,”What are your best traits?”

In fact, just last week I was asked, “What three characteristics would you bring to this role?”

I didn’t even hesitate – in fact, I could have listed more than three!

If you know me, you may know that is a pretty big deal.

In any event, the three things I would say are my best traits are:

  1. I am creative. Of course, I like to write. I wish I was musical, or crafty, but I am not. I like to watercolor and sketch, though those are hobbies only and not anything I would really share. However, my creativity flows into my life in how I approach things. I don’t always take no for an answer and I like to try to find creative ways to, well, to get what I want, I guess!


2. I am curious. Just to be clear, I mean that I like to learn and do research, not that I am odd. Though there could be an argument made for that too, I suppose.

3. I am resilient. I fail all the time. I fail big sometimes. I share my failures publicly, for better or worse. But I still get up and try again. It may take me a while – I am a big fan of the “retreat! retreat! lick your wounds!” method – but I do eventually get my ass off the couch and try, try again.


What are your best three traits? 



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