Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 51: What Does Failure Look Like?

I wrote this title earlier today, thinking I would sit down this afternoon to write today’s post.

That was before I got this:


Needless to say my witty, cute post about what failure looks like, and how maybe it’s not so bad? Well, all the wind has been knocked out of it.

In other words, THAT, up there, is what failure looks like.


Ok, well, maybe not complete failure. I did make it to the semi-finals of the interview process. For a big job as THE creative copywriter.

Having never had a copywriter job before.

So there’s that.

I mean, I put myself out there, I went for it.

Yes, I fell short.

Maybe it’s for the best.

Maybe I didn’t want to sit in traffic for 3 hours a day.


Maybe I will just stay home and garden …


and wait tables or be a clerk at the grocery store …


Ah, fuck, I don’t know what I’m going to do. 

What do you think I should do?  What would YOU do? 



3 thoughts on “Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 51: What Does Failure Look Like?

  1. Aww, for what it’s worth, I’m so so sorry you didn’t get the job you wanted! Maybe there are other openings for similar jobs like that?

    If you have the option of staying home and gardening, I’d do that. 😄 That’s what my grandpa does and he has a magnificent garden full of all kinds of fruits and veggies in the summer.


  2. Totally sucks…. but I once had the opportunity to work in SF for Uber. I didn’t get the job and in the end was SO thankful!! Never know what’s around the corner for you.


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