Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 59: Blink and You Miss It

My daughter turned 16 in January but didn’t get her permit until a few months ago. This is all well and good, because who wants to have a kid driving around out there in that big, scary world filled with other drivers who are constantly on the phone?

I know they are because when the Sweetie and I go on motorcycle rides I look at the drivers we pass (I’m the passenger) and at least 1 out of 4 are texting or talking on the phone – even at highway speed! #scary

Needless to say, I haven’t been in a rush for her to drive because I am a typical I know everything that can go wrong mom.

PLUS you have to buy them a car – or at least pitch in – and we all know I have a very limited income. #whatamigoingtobewhenigrowup

PLUS there is maintenance. And fuel. And insurance.

But Mother Nature pulls this trick where around the time they are 16 they are often involved in things other than school – after school drama productions, say, or jobs, or sports or have friends who live across town in a town with serious traffic issues.

Or all of the above.

And let’s just say you like to have a glass of wine at the end of the day, but you have a kid who works until 9 and you have to pick her up. Guess who can’t drink until 9:15? #hypothetical #iheardthishappens

Or you have two or more kids who have to be here, there, and everywhere – sometimes at the same time, so one is always early and the other always late. #neverontime

Frankly, at this point, you’re ready to give up your car and ride the bus your damn self just to get off the hamster wheel. #projecting

What Does All This Mean, Sweet 16?

It means, Dear Reader, that the girl who was driving this, just yesterday:


Is now driving this: (or will be when she gets her license in three weeks!)


It’s the perfect first car – old but dependable, slightly dinged up,  and peppy with a max speed of 65.

It was, let’s say, somewhat of an impulse buy on my part (she’s paying half…) influenced totally subconsciously by my first car which looked a little like this:

circa 1980 Honda Civic

Coincidence? #nosuchthing

Who knows, but I am kinda looking forward to cutting my daily miles. By a lot.

Though, to be honest,  I might miss the car talks on the way home from school, rehearsal, work, and practice.

Because – as you parents of kids older than mine know – blink, and you miss it. 

This little baby girl is gone – although she did look about this excited when she saw the car!


With mixed emotions,


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