Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 61; A Moment of Mommy Martyrdom

I may look tough, and I may handle a lot, but I need downtime.

I need time to nap. To recharge. To chill.


It’s essential to my sanity, which is actually quite fragile!

So when I have a series of days like the last 5, mmmm, well, it ain’t so pretty.

Let me run the last 96 hours for you:


  • Drive to high school to get daughter to drive to next town for doctor’s appointment
  • after doctor’s appointment go grocery shopping
  • then get son
  • take both home
  • unload and put groceries away
  • take daughter to homecoming parade starting point
  • come home to get son
  • watch parade, be on wrong side of road and only see back of daughter’s float
  • take daughter home to get ready for work
  • take daughter to work
  • drive back in commute traffic
  • make dinner
  • go get daughter
  • drive daughter home
  • write poem of the day, blog of the day and spend time with sweetie



  • Drive daughter to school
  • drop son off at school
  • take dog to groomer’s
  • run errands
  • get dog from groomer
  • get dog food for dogs
  • pick up daughter from school
  • take daughter to CVS
  • get son and his friend at CVS
  • take all 3 home
  • take son to flag football practice
  • take friend home – 3 times farther away than he told me
  • come home
  • pick son up from practice
  • order dinner
  • look at used cars for daughter
  • text guy about car; arrange meeting for Friday morning
  • write poem of the day, blog of the day and spend time with sweetie


Friday: Kids are off school for the day, but…

  • Take daughter to school with breakfast potatoes she made for student body potluck
  • drive to meet guy with the car
  • test drive the car
  • drive to beach to meet friend for walk
  • drive home
  • shower, pay bills
  • go to bank and post office
  • pull dead plants from garden
  • meet daughter after driving lesson
  • meet car guy
  • test drive car again
  • facetime family member who is mechanic
  • decide to buy car
  • buy car
  • freak out
  • take kids to homecoming football game
  • watch game
  • go home
  • write poem a day, write blog for Friday and Saturday (thinking ahead!)
  • go to bed way too late after daughter gets home from homecoming dance at midnight.



  • Get up
  • make coffee
  • let dogs out
  • feed dogs
  • make breakfast
  • get everyone ready
  • get on the road to Davis
  • stop for fuel
  • stop for bad food vanessa-serpas-319280
  • finish drive to Davis (3.5 hours)
  • watch football game (they lost in the last seconds…)  😦
  • ride home
  • write poem of the day a little late


  • After not enough sleep get up
  • make coffee
  • do dishes
  • let dogs out
  • feed dogs
  • take son to his flag football game
  • take daughter to get bagels for everyone
  • go back to son’s game
  • watch them win (yay!)
  • take daughter to get stickers for new car
  • complete IG challenge while I wait
  • drop daughter off at work
  • take son home
  • take son to friend’s house
  • drive home
  • start son’s laundry
  • take nap
  • get up
  • let dogs out
  • water garden
  • finish son’s laundry, start mine
  • get ready for tennis
  • play tennis
  • go get daughter from work
  • take her to get items needed for drama class tomorrow
  • pick up son from friends
  • come home
  • start dinner
  • feed dogs
  • write and post poem of the day 
  • take shower
  • eat dinner
  • drink wine, feel sorry for myself

All while feeling like I am on the brink of a migraine…

I know I am not alone in doing all this work, and more, and normally I handle my biz without complaining, but dang, it got to me this week.




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