Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 62: Changing My Perspective


Sometimes the slightest shift in perspective changes everything.

If I start my day scrolling through Twitter, well, it is bound to be a grumpy morning, because Twitter is where I follow politics.

If I start my day by watching or listening to the news versus sitting on the back deck drinking my coffee and counting hummingbirds – well, those are often two different days too.

Meditation always helps me shift my perspective from the chaos of not only my monkey mind but also the chaos of the world. Bombs. Riots. Murder. Fire. Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them. Cars missing turn signals.



So what about a bigger shift? A shift in the view of my personal world?


What if rather than worrying about my purpose in life – what is it? am I living up to it?

I just live. 

I told my daughter I may take a part-time job – maybe at a local grocery store as a cashier. Just to help make ends meet, while I focus on my personal writing, rather than freelancing for others and not doing my own stuff.

She told me I just see you doing so much more than being a cashier. 

She is not alone in that sentiment. Others have said something similar to me.

But here are my arguments in favor of my idea:

  1. If I’m going to run through my savings to supplement my writing dreams I want to have my own writing to show for it – my personal, creative work, not just news articles or ghostwritten blog posts.
  2. If I worked at a high powered job making beaucoup bucks I would eventually retire and guess what I would do? Basically what I am doing now. #whywait? #nothingisguaranteed
  3. Perhaps I am not what I do, rather who I am.
  4. And who gives a fuck what other people think as long as I am happy? [I am surprised to realize this is the one I have most hesitancy around…]

This is where my head is at…trying to wrap my head around what’s next or what’s not.

My plan is to let the thoughts simmer, let the dust settle, see what my heart says…

What is your plan? 

In rumination,


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