Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 63: Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

As you likely know – if you have read a few of my posts – I used to be a track athlete.

A pretty decent one.


[You can catch up on that here if you need to.]

Since I quit competing – many, many years ago – I have tried a lot of other forms of exercise in an effort to find something I enjoy as much as sprinting.

Hatha yoga has been one of my loves. It gets me deeply sore, which I love. And also provides me with calm and balance, which I absolutely need.


But doesn’t give me the speed I crave.

I also love spinning – but it requires a gym membership and adherence to a class schedule.


I’ve also tried kickboxing, Zumba, hot yoga, Barre, mountain biking, surfing, stand-up paddling, belly dancing, beach volleyball, and several other activities.

But nothing has stuck.

Until now.

I have discovered a sport that I never thought I would enjoy.



I really had no idea I would like this so much! There is speed – spurts of it, which I’m used to.

It’s fun – because I am learning and laugh a lot. 

Just today we were playing and I hit the ball funny and I thought I miffed it – so I was looking for it way up high and didn’t see it until I realized it was stuck in my handle! I laughed so hard. #mighthavepeed #justalittle

At first, my Achilles tendinosis was bothersome, and when I would go for a shot my calves would resist, but now, after just a couple of months, I feel good.


Where I started just trying to keep the ball “in the yard” – and not hit it into the parking lot six times like I did the first time – now I actually keep it in the yard AND within the lines.

Bonus: My sweetie and partner was nine years old when he started playing and he was on the tennis team in high school but he hasn’t played since. This is something fun and physical we can do together (other than that). 

Not only are we having a blast, we are both getting in better shape, and it gives us another shared interest. Plus we hope to travel to New York City to see the US Open next year, and momma loves to travel!


Sweaty and happy,


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