Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 64: Why I Love Poetry

There are many, many reasons why I love poetry.

It’s music, it’s nectar, it’s air, it’s comfort, it’s magic, it’s solace and release.

Poets like Mary Oliver, the late Jane Kenyon, Billy Collins, and others are magicians, truth-tellers, counselors, and sages.

Today I got two new books of poetry in the mail – milk and honey by rupi kaur:

milk and honey by rupi kaur

and bone by yrsa daley-ward:

bone by yrsa daley-ward


While I haven’t had the chance to dig all the way in, both of these poets are powerful in ways I can only aspire to.

Here is one from milk and honey: 



i didn’t leave because

i stopped loving you

i left because the longer

i stayed the less

i loved myself



And one from bone: 


the good work 

I was raised pulling food

out of earth. I know where

joy comes from

and how to make it.


I love poets who can evoke such emotion with so few words.

Even a seemingly simple poem can have layers of meaning and feeling. #goals

I’m not saying mine compare, but you can see my daily poems on my instagram.


In admiration,


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