Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 65: The Important Stuff

Northern California is on fire. #literally

And while I live south of the wildfires, and fortunately don’t have family affected by the blazes, I do have friends whose family members have lost everything.

So I am counting my blessings, for that, and many other things right now.

Yesterday I got to spend time with a good friend who is undergoing extreme healing from a recurrence of cancer. #sheisawesome

We drove along the coast, talking about life and the world.

We got a snack and sat in the sun together.

We decided to share a mimosa and linger while we half-eavesdropped on the three men in a meeting next to us – trying to determine where their accent was from. #spain?

It was a delightful way to spend a couple of hours.

Tonight we head up to my dad’s for my oldest little brother’s birthday.

My brothers, sister, and pops! 

That’s him ^^^ Yes, “little” is relative. 😉   #happybirthdayleifer

This is the Johnson side of my family and a good time is always had when we get together.

We usually sit around the fire pit and tell stories and laugh – a lot.

So please forgive the short post today, but we are off to spend time with family…what better way to spend a night, in this crazy, unsettled world we are living in.

Me, my boy, youngest lil’ bro, oldest lil’ bro, sister, bro born on my 25th birthday, my girl = my heart.

Make time for the important things, my friends. 

With love,



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