Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 71: Memorable Trips – Italy 1997 – Milan

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, after I finished grad school in 1997, my then husband and I took a six-week trip to Italy and France.

We spent three weeks in Italy – we landed in Milan, then hit Lake Como, Rome, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, and then headed along the coast to France.

I recently came across a few photos from the trip – I had a bin full of them that I needed to put into storage but procrastinated (as I often…oh look! shiny!) and they got wet. #waaahhh

Suffice it to say, many of my photos are now ruined. Very sad.

Arriving in Italia – Milano

I went to graduate school in Massachusetts at a small private school called Springfield College. My then husband (shall I just refer to him as #1?) had gone to Springfield for his undergrad and I had wanted to go there because they had the best athletic counseling program in the country.

It just so happened when I met him that he was an alum – clearly a sign, right? 😉

In any event, that meant we were flying out of Boston. I think I had just graduated a week or so earlier and had presented at a conference on something like using the internet for job searching or something…#prescient

I don’t remember much about flying over, I’m sure I was exhausted between the end of grad school, graduation parties (we had a good one), and then preparing for the conference and the big vacation.

As I write this, memories are flooding back…flying my parents out for graduation, the party with friends, my mom hilariously (and drunkenly) trying to get a moth out of the house, driving my friend to Boston to catch a flight and a truck going by as I was getting in the car and hitting a huge puddle and drenching me like a scene from a movie…

OK, back to Italy! This is a photo of our room in Milan:


I thought it was such a cool looking room with the green curtains, which matched two green chairs and the bedspread too, if I remember correctly.

Don’t you love my artsy “the building across the street through the window” angle? This is a signature photo of mine, I now realize!

Here I am, reading up on Milan. Excuse the really awesome hairstyle…


I loved those jeans…they were so comfy! #randomthought

This is the view out the hotel pensione window:


It was so exciting to be in Italy! This was my first time abroad, and I was over the moon about it. I’m pretty sure I would be just as excited now as I was then. #wanderlust

If memory serves me, I was too tired to move after we got to the room but we were famished, so #1 went out to find food for us. I think he brought back Foccacia from a street market.

I definitely recall the first sit-down, restaurant meal we had in Milan. I ordered risotto, of course. A true Milanese dish, risotto con asparagi. 

Next up, Lago di Como! 




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