Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 76: Day One in Las Vegas

I love getting on a plane. It doesn’t matter where I am going – honestly!

I even got excited about flying to Waco, Texas decades ago – way before /Fixer Upper/Chip and Joanna Gaines made Waco cool.

So anytime I see this view, I am stoked!

Going on an adventure!

Today we landed in Las Vegas! We have had the trip planned for a couple of months (pre-Mandalay Bay) because me and my sweetie are celebrating our five year anniversary.

I’ll have to share our online-dating love story with you. 😉

In any event, here we are in Vegas for a few days. This is my first stay in Vegas. I have been here once before, and I’ll tell you the details of that short visit in an upcoming post.

Sweetie was last here 8 years ago – when he was still drinking – so this will be a different trip for him too.

We are staying at a small boutique hotel/casino called The Cromwell. It’s old-Paris themed with opulent styling in purples and deep pinks…I just love it!


I want to take this chair home with me:


This needs to be in my house


The nightstands and dresser look like old steam trunks. There is a cute vanity area – and now I understand the draw of your own little spot to sit and do your make-up, even though I don’t wear much of it.

The little chair there needs to come home with me too – check out the detail on the back!



But the fun doesn’t stop there…the shower is tiled with a quote in English and French:


C’est la vie!

I mean, come on, am I in my happy place, or what?

Did I mention we had to get up at 4:30 AM? It was a long day…but worth it!


A bientôt :: see you soon!


One thought on “Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 76: Day One in Las Vegas

  1. How fun! Have a great time!!

    I met my sweetie on-line too! He was an on-line dating advice columnist (mainly because he had too much experience 😉 Can’t wait to read about your story.


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