Fearless Writing Challenge: 300 down, 65 To Go

I have 65 days to go.

And then I will have written and posted a poem a day for an entire year. 

Holy smokes! That’s impressive! #ifidosaysomyself

What will I do when the year is over? I don’t think I have it in me to do it again, but it is a great exercise. Interestingly enough, some of the most liked poems are ones I have dashed off in the 11th hour.

Here are my most recent Top 5 Poem a Day poems:

#5 is day 205 coming in with 32 likes



#4 is day 262 with 37 likes



#3 is day 287, with 43



#2 is day 297 with 45 likes



My most popular recent poem is day 279, with 50 likes!



If you like any of these, please share this blog post – it’s easy to do with the share buttons at the bottom. #hinthint

OR you can see my poems each day as they are posted. Just follow me on Instagram: @vinegarandvanilla

It’s always fun to see which poems resonate with my readers, and it seems we are feeling the passage of time lately.

Thank you for stopping by,



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