Fearless Writing Challenge; day’s 81/82: Post-vacation let down

I thought perhaps I would feel re-invigorated after vacation. That maybe the time spent totally in the present, not worrying about the dogs or laundry or dishes would allow space for inspiration to break through. 


It did let in space for a cold, though. 

So, I’m taking a break. I’m in the middle of it. Yesterday and today. I’ll be back in the blogging saddle tomorrow. 

Friday I took my daughter for her driver’s license test (she passed!) 

Yesterday we went to Davis for their homecoming game against Cal Poly (where I ran my freshman year). 

Davis won in an exciting game that was much closer than it should have been, but I prefer a close game over a blow out. 

Today I am up early, with my cold meds, at my son’s last day of flag football – Playoff Day.  Sudden death games. High stakes flag football y’all. 

Tonight, my Steelers play Sunday Night Football. 

Usually, if Davis wins on Saturday, son’s team and the Steelers win — here’s hoping the trend continues! 

I hope you are having a good weekend filled with things that fill you with love and joy. 


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