Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 83: When the Purging Bug Hits

I feel like crap today. I tried to fight off the cold but lost.

I have a headache, sore throat, and am tired.

I stayed up until midnight last night to watch our recording of the Steelers game. We couldn’t watch it live because the son’s flag football team made it to the finals! #exciting! 

That meant they got to play for the championship at the high school under the lights. They lost, but they played well, and the team that won was undefeated all season. #proud mama

The son has not been on a winning flag team in four years of playing, so we enjoyed the experience a lot! One of the kids on his team – one of the best players – had such a crap attitude I wanted to yank him off the field and give him a talking to. He was moping, dragging his feet, crossing his arms at the line and bringing the entire team’s vibe down.

Needless to say, we had a talk about how you act even when you are down and how son could have stepped up to fire up his team – #leadwithcharacter.

But we were still very proud and enjoyed watching the game.


When we got home we ate a late dinner and watched the rest of the World Series game, and then I fast-forwarded through the Steelers win.

Today I have no energy and am cleaning up my social media accounts.

Step 1: I reviewed all the pages I liked on Facebook.

I deleted 141 of them. I want to get back to when what I saw in my feed was primarily posts from people I know personally. Not a bunch of “like me and I’ll like you back” people I don’t know, or news from 3 years ago shared as if it were new, or updates from groups and pages I don’t really care about.

Step 2: I went through all the posts I had saved.

Over 200 of them! I don’t need to know how to pop corn in a wok, do I? I don’t even own a wok! And do I really need to watch another TED talk on finding work I love, pursuing my passion, or how to start a blog/business/venture that will change my life/make me famous/make me rich/fulfill my deepest desires? #nope

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 11.21.56 AM

Step 3: Kon-mari-ing my Instagram feed.

Do I know you? Does your feed bring me joy? If the answer is no, then #buh-bye

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 11.15.12 AM

I’m not worried about getting 1,000 Instagram followers anymore. Not if I have to exchange my follow for yours? Where is the authenticity in that? And what happens when I have 5k followers? Do I get a dollar for each one? #nope Do I lose 20 pounds? #nope Become a better person? #nope Happier? #nope

I’m in a strange headspace and I don’ think it is because of the head cold… I feel like stripping away all the inessential stuff in my life.

Not sure where this will lead, I assume it will cut back on my social media time and leave me with uncluttered bathroom drawers – since that’s where I am headed next! #lookouttravelsizeshampoo #tossingthesamples





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