Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 85: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again…

Oh you guys…I am still sick. #wahhh


I sound like I am a two-pack a day smoker and my throat feels like I smoke too.

PLUS it’s been a hectic day on the family front – a little extra drama that is not mine to share.

I will say it seems all is well, but, well, you know…don’t take anything for granted.

Because of my low energy, family drama, and general feeling of malaise I am shortcutting and sharing with you a post I wrote on November 1, 2010.

SEVEN years ago.

I’ve been blogging for a long ass time! And what do I have to show for it?

Well, awesome readers like you, for one.

And a whole treasure trove of historical blog posts, like this one:




Hello Dear Reader,

Ahhh, it has been so long. Over 6 weeks?!? Can it be true? I see in my last post (yes, it has been so long I wasn’t really sure what I last wrote of) I wrote about recalibrating. Ha! What is the line about the universe (God?) laughing at those who make plans? Somebody was laughing, I am sure, but it wasn’t me.

October was a brutal month. I just started to breathe again (by choice – there is always a choice, but more on that later) the last week or two. Obviously I was optimistic mid-September. But then things got hectic and a little overwhelming. There was the one month mark of my mom’s death and then her memorial and then the week after the union put on a benefit for her. All wonderful things, with friends and family and all that, but difficult and emotional. The morning after my mom’s memorial I looked like I had an allergic reaction to something – my eyes were so puffy and swollen and red.

And then there was the regular life stuff – school/work (the honeymoon ended), hubby was out of town for a week plus, friends were in town helping in unimagineable ways and to deeper depths than I have ever known. So wonderfully amazing and yet, overwhelming too, to be held up like that. And there is more, but you are alive too, so you know how life gets, piles appear, dirt accumulates, lists grow longer and longer and unexpected things happen and feelings emerge and, and, and … need I tell you? No, you know enough.

So I had to decide to stop the deluge. Did my psychic “end the rain” dance and stood up to the tide. Grounded my feet as best I could and said to the whirling world, “Enough is enough.” Guess what? It worked.

So back to the recalibration thing. I am back on vinegar and vanilla – knowing even more the sour of life and the sweet. How necessary both are, and how pungent and fragrant.

I am also back on the yoga mat and the meditation cushion and I am off the TV (now that my guilty pleasures are done for the season I can more easily wean myself from the idiot box time suck machine) and I am also, because I am more than a little bit nuts, signed up for the National Novel Writing Month challenge. 50,000 words by the end of the month and presto! chango! you have the first draft of your novel!

What this means is: I will be here, but my posts will be shorter. Or maybe not, maybe I’ll be so juicy from all the writing it will spill over here like an overfilled cup of coffee on its way from the kitchen to your favorite fireside chair on a rainy blustery sunday morning…

Write On,

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