My Birthday Was Saturday and Yes, I am Sick Now.

There is one post of mine that often shows up in web searches and it is titled Letting the Space In, or Why I Always Get Sick Around My Birthday. 

Clearly I am not the only one who frequently gets sick around their birthday — other people are searching for answers too.

I hope my post gets them to think about thier annual time on the couch a little differently.

This year I knew I was fighting a cold/flu. There is a spot on my hand that gets tender before I get sick. If I pay close enough attention I can usually start on the Cold Calm and Emergen-C  and take it easy and avoid getting sick. [Nope, I am NOT an affiliate, I get nothing from you trying either of those products. But I swear by Cold Calm if I start it as soon as I think I am getting sick.)

In any event, I was worn down and not feeling well, but couldn’t rest becuase I was throwing myself a birthday party!

It was a “Studio 50” disco party – a play on the famous 1970s NYC hot spot, Studio 54, but I renamed it because, well, I was turning 50.

I will definately be telling you all about it in an upcoming post. I have a lot to catch you up on, since I have been MIA in the blogosphere for a while.

I have to tell you why I throw myself parties, even if it may be seen as déclassé. 

I want to tell you about the incredible silent retreat I went on recently. I try to go annually and the first time I went was on over the weekend I turned 40.

I also need to tell you about my beautiful friend Dee, and her conscious, beautiful, love-filled passing last month, just a few days after she had gathered several of her closest friends for a 24-hour love and laughter fest.

But for now, I will share a couple of photos from the party, and re-read my post on getting sick around my birthday each year…there are some good questions in there I will ponder as I lay on the couch.

Until next time, celebrate everything! 


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